Permission Prompt

Permission Prompt

When opening a website that has been integrated with the Gravitec service, visitors have the opportunity to subscribe to push notifications. Subscription is done through the subscription window, the appearance of which can be configured.

Subscription window configuration settings are required::

-Click Prompt & Bell in the side menu of the site;

-Select the Permission Prompt tab.


The subscription window settings page has the following appearance:


To customize the subscription window, you should fill in the following parameters and fields:

  1. Select the needed settings tab. 
  2. Platform - a switch that allows you to select settings for each platform (Desktop and Mobile)
  3. Appearance - a switch that allows you to choose the form and type of the subscription window. By default - Toast.

(info)The native subscription window is not available anymore, if this type was specified in the settings, you need to change it.

4. Location - a switch that allows you to select a subscription window location (top/bottom, left/right corner of the screen or center);

5. Show - three events to display the subscription window:
- Delay, the parameter of time of stay on the site, after which the subscription window will be shown;

- Scroll, the page scrolling parameter in percentage, at reaching which the subscription window will be shown;

- Pages view, the number of pages viewed during one session on the site, after which the subscription will be shown;

(info)It is necessary to take into account that the countdown is after all the scripts of the site will be downloaded;

6. Button Color, Request Text Color - a text field in which you can enter the code of color, or select from a palette.

7. Subscription prompt translation configuration - multi-language setup of the subscription window.

(warning)To add a new language for the subscription window it is necessary:

-Click the Edit button (pencil) and in the pop-up window select the necessary languages;


-Set the values for the Allow Button, Discard Button, and Text message;



(info) The owner (Administrator) sets the default language for the site in html and sets the default text value in the subscription window through the service. The service also defines the browser language of the subscriber when entering the site. If there are values for this language in the settings, the subscription window is displayed on it, if not - the default value.

8. Allow Button, Discard Button, and Text message - text fields. Fill in the default value or for several languages, and visitors to the site will see this text.

9. Block Preview. Visual view of the subscription window taking into account parameters 2-8.

10. Save button block. It is possible to save the entered data, or to undo changes.

(warning)The subscription window for the mobile platform is filled out separately. If no changes are made, the subscription window will have default values.

(warning)If there is some unsaved data when switching to another tab of subscription settings and widgets, confirm-popup will be displayed. The user will have an opportunity to apply or reset the corrections made.


(warning)For Free tariff owners, branding of the service will be displayed on the subscription window.