Block override(+re-engagement)

Block override (+re-engagement) 

Gravitec service clients have access to an unblock subscription widget. The configuration of this widget-bell allows subscribers:

  • Get tips on how to unblock a subscription;
  • Configure conditions for subscription window to be displayed again.

(warning)Widget deactivation/activation is available only for Business tariff.


To configure the widget you need:

-Select the Prompt & Bell item in the side menu;

-Go to Block override.

The tab has the following appearance:


To configure this widget, you must set the following parameters:

  1. Unblock subscription - checkbox, which activates and deactivates the widget;

(info)If you deactivate the widget, the preview mode is not available.


2. Main color - a text field in which you can enter the color code, or select from an existing palette.;

3. Bell position - a drop-down list. Allows you to specify on what side the widget will be displayed;

4. Preview - a visual representation of the widget, considering the selected color;

5. Preview on your site - a visual representation of the widget, considering its color and location.;

There are two options for choosing the condition of re-opening the subscription window:

6. Through a certain number of read links on the site;

(info)Page refreshing is also considered as a link.

7. After a certain number of days/hours after a previous click on the Block button in the subscription window..

(info)The time of reopening the subscription window is fixed in a cookie. Once you close your browser, the cookie is not deleted, and when you re-open the site, the time counter goes on.

8. Save button block. It is possible to save changes or undo them.

(warning)If there is some unsaved data when switching to another tab of subscription settings and widgets, confirm-popup will be displayed. The user will have an opportunity to apply or reset the entered corrections..