Integration with service on the Tilda website

Website constructors do not allow the placement of files in the root folder of the site. The technology of push notifications requires the installation of files SDK (push-worker.js and manifest.json) in the root of the site.

It is possible to integrate your site on tilda with our service on the principle of http sites.

Initially, the push technology was created by Google for https sites. To use it on http sites, our service generates a subdomain of the type and subscription is performed in 2 clicks: once on the main domain (widget), and the second time in the subdomain of Gravitec. 
For this purpose you need:
1. Register an account by clicking the link -
2. When entering the account, add a site with your protocol(http or https) by selecting WiX/TILDA type of integration -
3. Copy the generated subscription script for the added site. 

Here is an example of how you can integrate from a tilda by installing a subscription script using these examples -