Welcome Messages

Welcome Messages

Gravitec service allows to send additional push notifications to all new subscribers for the first acquaintance with the site/portal. This functionality is called Welcome Messages and is customizable within the Automations.

To start working it is necessary:

  • Go to the menu item Automations of the site of interest
  • In the Welcome Messages block click the Configure button.


After activation, a page of settings and content of the email is opened. The page has two tabs: Content and Advanced Options.

On the Content tab, you can set the following parameters:

- Title is a text field, it is possible to add an emoji;

- Text - is a text field, it is possible to add an emoji;

-  Destination URL - a text field that accepts only links to the input. When clicking on a link, the subscriber will redirect to the specified link;

UTM - a switcher that activates a specialized parameter in the URL used by marketers to track resources from which traffic is transferred;

(info)When the switcher is activated, an additional optional utm_campaign field is displayed.

- Icon - a block for uploading a new image for notification.


There is an option on the Additional Options tab:

  • Add a big image;
  • Add buttons (title, icon, button link).

(info)A maximum of 2 buttons can be set.


Preview - allows the user to see the appearance of push for different browsers and operating systems, taking into account the settings of images, buttons.;

Time settings:

  • TTL (Time to live) - period during which a push notification can be delivered;
  • Message delay time - the time after which a subscriber will be shown a welcome message after subscription.

After you have entered all the parameters and saved them, the settings page closes. The created notification will be displayed in the list.

Actions with this notification:

- Edit;

- Delete;

- Deactivate.