Push campagin history

The user is able to view the data and statuses of all types of campaigns sent. It is also possible to see scheduled manual and automatic campaigns. To do this, go to the side menu item Campaign History.


The page has:



1. Filter panel

Show scheduled automations - checkbox to activate the display of automatic campaigns to be sent during the day;

Select period - the calendar that allows you to set the reporting period;

Select type - drop-down list with all types of campaigns, with multiple choices;

  • Simple message;
  • Transactional push;
  • Push Digest;
  • RSS automation;
  • Drip campaigns;
  • Tweet to push.

Reset button - resets the set reporting parameters.

2. A data table with the following fields:

  • Icon - an image of the campaign;
  • Text - header and text of the notification;
  • Date and time - time when the campaign was sent (considering the time zone settings)
  • Sent - the total number of the subscribers in current campaign;
  • Delivered - the number of delivered notifications and the percentage in relation to the total number subscribers in current campaign;
  • Seen - the number of notifications that were shown in the browsers of subscribers, i.e. viewed by recipients;
  • Opened - the number of open notifications and the percentage in relation to the total number of seen; 
  • TTL - determines how long the system will monitor a subscriber's device status so that a push notification can be delivered;
  • Type - campaign type icon.

The table contains data on the following types of campaigns:

- Scheduled automatic campaigns in the next day;


- Already sent campaigns;


- Scheduled manual campaigns;


:warning: If the campaign did not send, you can see the reason and status in the history:

- The limit of automatic sending for Free tariff is exceeded;


- Not enough campaigns to form a digest;

:info: If you click on the interesting campaign, you will be taken to the Push Campaign Info page;


On the push campaign info page, the user can view detailed campaign statistics and copy the push to another site.


Campaign History tab also allows you to export a report of campaigns. To do this, you must:

1. Click Export Campaign stats.


2. In the modal that opens, set the parameters:

  • Which sites to include in the report - a drop-down list with all of the user's sites. It is possible to select all of them, as well as to use the search on the list;


  • Start Date and End Date - the calendar that sets the reporting period;


:info: The end date cannot be less than the start date, but can equal it (if you need to make export only for 1 day)

3. Click the Export button.